Theresa May Promises To Reveal Brexit Plan Details Soon

The Brexit vote in June has taken the world by storm. Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has repercussions all over the world. The tension continued to increase as the Prime Minister Theresa May had no clear plans about Brexit negotiations. However, she has promised that there will be more clarity regarding the Brexit plan and it will be shared during her speech later this month.

After the people of UK voted in favor of Britain leaving the European Union, the Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty must be formally invoked to commence the negotiations with Brussels regarding leaving the European Union. Theresa May is expected to reveal the Brexit plans in a speech at least two months prior to this move. The Supreme Court now has to determine whether the Parliament can have an opinion on the invocation of the Article 50. It is expected that the Supreme Court will rule against the government, emphasizing that Parliament should be given some power. The officials from both the houses believe that the lawmakers won’t be against the result of the Brexit referendum.

Theresa May is facing a major burden that has not been experienced before. There is bitterness in the country and in the government regarding the whole Brexit referendum. The Prime Minister had been elusive on this topic so far because she fears that Britain will lose its power when the details of the Brexit negotiations are known to Brussels before the formal process. Her speech and the details it reveals will have a major impact both inside and outside the country.

Ivan Rogers, Ambassador of Britain to the European Union resigned suddenly to everyone’s amusement. In a rather bitter email to his staff, he expressed his anguish about the government’s muddled thinking. He said that the government has not considered the opinions of other 27 nations in the bloc regarding the Brexit negotiation. Mr. Rogers was a close associate of the former Prime Minister David Cameron who failed in his attempt to form a new arrangement between Brussels and Britain. Mr. Rogers’ opinion did not sit well with the political advisers Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill. The opinions of Mr. Rogers notoriously presented itself to the public’s eye. He was seen condemning the government for its unpreparedness and optimism regarding striking a positive deal.

The media had a field day discussing the efficiency of May’s leadership and the apparent loss of Mr. Rogers. However, those who are in favor of Brexit were happy as they felt that Rogers’ quitting decision is inevitable in the present scenario. David Davis, head of Department of Exiting the EU tried to downgrade the power of the ambassador. However, his efforts were thwarted and Tim Barrow is now appointed as the ambassador. The plans of Theresa May are under extreme scrutiny because she herself is an opponent of Brexit but she has promised to fulfill the wishes of the British people.

Britain hopes to create a new trade deal associated with goods and services and a transitional deal to allow Britain to preserve the free trade. If Britain loses access to the single market, it can affect its integrity in many ways.

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