Hit/Shit List

Hit/Shit List

There’s so much happening in the world of entertainment, we just had to bring back our Hit/Shit List. So, from here on out, we’ll be back with a new list every Friday, to tell you what we think worked and didn’t work in the world of film, TV, music, literature (if that’s what you’d call The Hunger Games) and everything else related to entertainment.


The Killing

The moody, atmospheric and damp drama about a murdered girl in Seattle is one of the best pilots we’ve seen in a long time. Michelle Forbes is outstanding as the girl’s distraught mother. It’s a whodunit of sorts, but the cast is great, the writing is smart and it has everything a great drama should have. It’s obviously getting comparisons to Twin Peaks, a show of the same nature, but The Killing stands apart enough to differentiate itself nicely.

The Real Housewives of Miami Reunion

Say what you want about the six episode season. We feel like it was criminally under-rated. But there is seriously no denying the brilliant guilty pleasure of that reunion. When the trash that is Jersey, Atlanta and Orange County can somehow muster up season after season, there is no reason why Miami should’t have caught on as well. If anything, this reunion hopefully solidified major potential for years to come from these girls. Teresa, Nene and Gretchen on TV over Adrianna, Lea and Marysol? We think not. Check out part one of the reunion above.

Michelle Monaghan in Source Code

There is just something about this girl that strikes us as so watchable. She acts as the unsung hero of this film. Please put her in more movies. Thanks.

Kevin Powell: An Open Letter To Chris Brown

The brilliant activist Kevin Powell wrote an open letter to Chris Brown last week on The Huffington Post. To put it mildly, it’s simply genius. You shouldn’t be allowed to even comment on Chris Brown, or his celebrity, until you’ve read this poignant, honest and deeply real letter. It’s a profound eye opener and really puts things into perspective. You can read it here.

Crazy Stupid Love Trailer

We’re crazy stupidly in love with this trailer. You should be too. Casts don’t really come better than this.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

It’s easy to just shrug off The Hunger Games as another over-hyped and over-rated teenage anthology. But The Hunger Games is better than any teenage vampire fiction (coughTwilightcough) you’ll find. It’s a violent, bloody and very timely story of a girl who lives in a future where children are offered up as tributes into an annual hunger games, where they fight to the death on national television, for the rest of the country’s viewing pleasure. It’s pretty twisted, and you’ll be left wondering “Why am I having fun reading about children killing each other?” Think of it as something Stephen King would have written if he were a 25 year old woman.

Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan in Win Win

We aren’t sure we’ve ever seen a more realistic depiction of a small town guy as Paul Giamatti in recent memory. And Amy Ryan, for some reason, is just so touching as his wife. If for nothing else, see Win Win for these two.

The Real Housewives of New York City Premiere

As one critic said, NYC is like the home base for the housewives franchise. We couldn’t agree more, and we’re happy it’s back. Jill is on her “like me again” kick, but still harping on Bethenny, which is better than pretending she didn’t exist. Sonja is co*k hungry, as usual. Ramona interviews possible assistants. New and irrelevant housewife Cindy Barshop is introduced…crickets. Alex has a newfound voice in telling people whats on her mind, thus, solidifying her spot on the show. Luann is being less uptight, and has supposedly found love again. And Kelly is ditzy, but surprisingly adorable and comical as ever. The season looks utterly insane, and we can’t wait for more.


Is it the best horror movie you’ll ever see? No. But it’s a solid effort and something original on the scary movie front, with legit thrills for the first hour and self aware camp in the second. Full review here.

Britney Spears | Till The World Ends

The video is decent, but the song is one of the best and most fun tracks Britney has ever recorded. When she hits that chorus, the only way you wont feel like dancing is if you’re a total stiff b*#@h.

Melancholia Trailer

The trailer is a bit all over the place, but it seems right up our alley. We’re hoping this film about two sisters butting heads amidst the discover of a new planet that may be on its way to colliding into Earth, might be the start of a new phase in Kirsten Dunst’s career.

Return of The Vampire Diaries

After over a month long hiatus, The Vampire Diaries gave us the first of six new episodes leading up to its finale. As usual, the episode was paced extremely well and had the consistent feel of a series finale, like almost every other VD episode. We mean that in the best way. Rumor has it cast regulars are dying before the end of the season. We’re thinking Jeremy, Jenna, Matt, Alaric, Caroline’s mom and Bonnie all seem to be at risk. Here’s hoping the death rate isn’t too high.


Cancellation of The Real Housewives of DC

So shoot us for having three mentions of three different housewives on our list. If your’re mad about it, start watching already. It came as a disappointment, but not a total surprise that Bravo decided to cancel DC, making it the first housewives to not get picked up for a second season. Truly, this is a mistake. Cat and Lynda need to be on TV, and it’s a shame people like Alexis and Gretchen from OC and the trashy girls from New Jersey will still get to infest our TV screens. We can probably blame the Salahis for this one.

Pia Toscano Voted off American Idol

It happens almost every year, but honestly, it has never been such a shock to us as to why a contestant is going home. There have been other early dismissals from American Idol, but this is the first time we actually completely disagree with the decision. It would be easy to pinpoint Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry as the other contestants who had an undue departure, but frankly, they were over-rated and not all that great on their seasons anyway. Pia, however, was the true star of Season 10. Hands down, she had the best voice on par with a young Celine Dion. What some people found boring, we found to be classy, elegant and graceful, the markings of a true star. The other contestants could surely use some lessons from Pia. In addition, she’s the fifth girl voted off in a row? Really? Here’s hoping for a bright career. In short, this season now feels like a joke.

Elton John on SNL

We love you Elton, but your stint as host on SNL this week was a train wreck. You were unapologetically lazy, blatantly reading from cue cards and disinterested in almost everything. Tom Hanks, who appeared in a few skits, outshined you, and should have just hosted the entire thing. It took you over 20 years to come back on the show, hopefully it’ll take even longer to see you back on there again.

People Who Still Like/Watch Grey’s Anatomy

They had one musical episode and now everyone is making up reasons to love them again. The praise is unwarranted. The show went down hill years ago. Sorry, but no matter how many disguises you give yourself, theres is no coming back from sex with ghosts.

The Casting of Peeta and Gale in The Hunger Games

Is it just us, or did they blatantly cast these two guys in their opposing roles? It seems like Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth should switch the parts they were casted for. The whole casting for this film just seems a bit screwy to us after reading the books.

Mildred Pierce on HBO


Mariah Exclusive Baby Bump Pic

This Picture of Mariah Carey

Um, really? Put that sh*t away.