Britney Spears | Til The World Ends

Britney Spears | Til The World Ends

What’s the best way to get people to believe a washed up super star, who hasn’t had a good video in years, is back on track? Blatantly mimic your best video of all time.

Til The World Ends, while a total re imagining of Slave For You (because we’re not still doing 4 U in 2011, are we?) is still one of Britney’s best videos since her In The Zone days. It’s infinitely better than the cheap looking Gimme More, Piece of Me and Womanizer, about on par with Circus, but still not as good as the clever If You Seek Amy.

The video works simply because the production value is so high. We still don’t believe Britney can dance, and we never will until we actually see some dancing. So please, if anyone thinks Spears is back to her old talent, go watch the Slave video and think again. Girl is not on point. Like we said for Hold It Against Me, sticking a bunch of back up dancers behind you who can dance, moving your arms around, but barely your feet, and giving us some quick camera cuts might be fooling the dumb fans, but it isn’t fooling us.

Regardless, Til The World Ends is still a fun video to match one of Brtiney’s best songs she’s ever recorded. And Britney, while vacant, still looks like she was present for at least 75% of filming. At least we can say she’s trying, and it’s a pretty decent effort.

Song: A

Video: B+