Britney Spears | Hold It Against Me Video

Britney Spears | Hold It Against Me Video

Leave it to Britney to have an over produced and over done video. The only reason for this is because she simply can’t carry herself in a music video anymore. No amount of makeup, backup dancers and flashy background nonsense will convince us otherwise. Throwing up old music videos of your past beloved hits won’t do the trick either. Yea, it’s fun to catch a glimpse of the old Spears catalogue, but it’s also a cop out to have the people watching remember the good ol’ days. It’s a gimmick that wants us to care.

Well, it barely works. Do we care? Sort of, but not for any of these reasons. We care just because we’re interested in Britney’s music and her career. Britney’s given us some of the best pop songs of all time, along with some pretty great videos. However, flashy cinematography, clever quick editing and the occasional flick of the arm, kick of the leg and spin-around disguised as dance isn’t fooling us. And just because your dancers are on point, doesn’t mean you are.

What does fighting yourself even mean? Are you your only competition? Maybe. But what it should mean is that you are basically just getting in the way of yourself. Britney is her own roadblock at this point, and the time for pitying her is over. The woman attacked a car with an umbrella and had standoffs outside of her house with the police a long time ago. Those were the days of Britney past. We’re not concerned with your story anymore. Just give a good video already, one where you can actually dance.

Britney needs to get over herself. Her fans, and the world, are sick of her “comeback” story. You’ve been back, or seemingly so. It’s time to get your dancing back on track to the Slave 4 U days and forget about the giant production hiding your lack of talent. It’s one of Britney’s best videos on a long time, sure, but considering her competition-herself, we’re not too impressed.

Oh, and get a new hair stylist already. You can look better than this.