Natalie Portman | Best and Worst

Natalie Portman | Best and Worst

The Professional | Best

Natalie’s first well known role as a girl who’s taken in by her assassin neighbor. A pretty twisted role and a smart way to get noticed.

Beautiful Girls | Best

She’s not in it too much, but the film itself is a good one.

Star Wars Episodes 1, 2 and 3 | Worst

We love the franchise, but we’re not sure if it was the bad writing or the sci fi aspect. Natalie was awful here.

Where The Heart Is | In Between

Probably the film that gave her the rest of her career. After Where The Heart Is, everyone knew who she was. It’s just your run of the mill rom-com, but Natalie did a wonderful job with it.

Cold Mountain | In Between

Her part is great, but the film as a whole is just average.

Garden State | Best

We still look at this under-rated gem as one film that defined a generation, and we’re glad Natalie added to it.

Closer | Best

Natalie’s Oscar worthy performance stands out here as the best of the cast in this quiet sexual thriller.

Free Zone | Worst

We’re not really sure why this even happened. It sounded okay on paper, but was just very mediocre.

V For Vendetta | Best

This semi sci fi flick was very timely and one of the best action-ish thrillers we’ve ever seen.

Paris, Je T’Aime | Best

She’s only in this ensemble drama for a few moments, but it’s clear why she chose to be in it.

Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium | Worst

We must assume the only reason she did this awful film is because is costarred Dustin Hoffman. Let’s forget about this one.

Natalie Portman The Other Boleyn Girl Interview

The Other Bolyn Girl | In Between

The film was a little sloppy, but definitely not bad and Natalie did the best she could with it.

Brothers | Worst

The film was over the top, indulgent and dramatic. A good effort, but nothing special.

Black Swan | Best

Hands down, the single best film of Natalie’s career. She’s stunning. This performance is not to be missed.